Clover is a platform for gen z

Our story…
In 2015, Casey Lewis and I were sitting at a restaurant in Brooklyn, talking about the media industry and life. I was an editor at Sweet, Hearst’s new Snapchat publication, and a freelance writer for Refinery29. Casey was the senior editor at TeenVogue. We’d been good friends for a decade and had always wanted to start something together, but it never seemed like the right time.

But that night, we got to talking about the struggles with online media—traffic pressure, clickbait, and Kardashian overload (no offense, Kim!). These issues aren’t great for any audience, but they’re especially harmful for teen girls. We believed that young women were being underserved by many legacy publications, and we wanted to create a platform where they could learn about news and important issues (and where their voices could be heard).

In early 2016, Clover was born! We decided to launch as an email newsletter because we wanted to sidestep traffic goals and reach our audience in an immediate, direct way. That coveted readership, by the way, is Gen Z girls—aka those born after 1995.

For two years, we grew the Clover community to reach hundreds of thousands of girls from all over the world. We teamed up with brands such as Dove, Microsoft, Penguin, and collaborated with editorial partners like GirlBoss, Refinery29, and Clique Media. We did surveys and insights for companies who wanted to learn more about Gen Z. And every single day, we delivered need-to-know news and personal essays written for girls, by girls.

In Spring 2018, Clover was acquired by Awesomeness TV (now under Viacom). We’re still sending the Clover Letter twice a week, but we’re also making big moves beyond the inbox. Stay tuned.

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